Selfies and Digital Rhetoric

Here they are, the three selfies I have on my phone. You see, I don’t really take selfies at all, much less post them.

All three are pretty goofy, and I think they show that I don’t take myself too seriously. I think there’s a decent variation of background locations/people in the selfies with me.

The first features me in a classroom after being asked to take a selfie during another class. I’m alone in the photo except for the random girl sitting behind me. I wasn’t thinking about the framing of the picture or my clothes or the lighting or anything like that.

The second selfie is of me, my brother Alex and my friend Shawn on Election night two years ago. We were excited that we voted and were watching the results come in (no comment).

The third was taken when I was out in California for vacation, my brother Alex is also in the picture. We are both wearing hats in this one (although mine is forward and his is backward). Again, I wasn’t really thinking about the framing or anything like that, I just kinda took it.

Overall, I think my selfies show that I don’t take many selfies and that when I do they are rarely serious. I didn’t post any of these on social media, so you could say I am curating my online presence by posting more serious photos.

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