A Little Goes a Long Way

I think everyone would be lying if they said they have never littered in their life. Its not a great thing to admit but it has more than likely happened to all of us. The difference in this situation is if people learn from their one time mistake or if they choose to be repeat offenders.

Its easy for people to not care about where their trash goes because that’s up to recycling companies, right? A lot of people have the misconception that as long as their trash gets into the trashcan that the magic of recycling will take over and we did our part. Recycling, however, can only happen if the piece of trash itself is placed properly in the proper trash can. For example, a pizza box cannot be recycled if it is just thrown in a recycling can. People assume, including myself, that it should be able to be reused because it is intact and is a piece of lightly used cardboard. What many pizza eaters don’t think about is the grease that lingers on the bottom of the pizza box. The small grease stains that remain after a pie make the bottom portion of the box useless. The way to make the box usable for reproduction is by tearing off the top part of the box that doesn’t have grease on it.

There are a lot of aspects to the environment that people have to think about everyday (if they choose to). It isn’t always easy to make the right decision or put in the full effort that is required for proper recycling. While it is no one person’s fault for the current state of our environment, one person can start to make a difference by making the right choices with their garbage.

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