A Quiet Place To Lay Your Head

The world today is noisy. Such noise pervades our daily lives that escaping it could, to some, create a feeling of deep unease. City life and modernity demands much from its inhabitants. Asking permission to leave, perhaps only momentarily, won’t always yield a peaceful result. The best thing, I find, is to replace said noise with something more substantial. The beach does not stagnate or harden from disuse, as the misconception of forests and woods seems to suggest. Activity inclines the wanderer toward, beckoning the ear with a strange curiosity not often found in one’s existence.

Tybee Island, off the coast of Savannah, GA, offers an escape into true rest. Fidget and fight in the toil and chaos of burdens and obligations if you absolutely must; Tybee stands eternal regardless and awaits your arrival on its fine shore. Greeted by the familiar sights and smells of other coastal destinations, Tybee deviates through its capacity to enrapture without airs. No shiny resorts or casinos to be seen — leave that to the mainland. This is a wholly genuine example of nature in concert with its human presence.

Ruminate on the splendor and majesty of a world beyond the horizon. Clutch the sand in an ephemeral grasp. Close your eyes and listen to the waves. There is no wrong way to enjoy Tybee Island.