Coastal Living is Coastal Defilement

I think mans perception on the earth is twisted.

Man is terrified of change, especially when this change directly effects their homes.

Lately, in the state of Delaware, there has been a lot of focus on beach erosion. To prevent this, man has been replenishing the coastlines by taking sand from foreign places and bringing them to “troubled” areas.

Perhaps “troubled” isn’t the most accurate adjective that could be used to describe the situation with the coastlines. I think that we call it troubled because humans are the ones that are truly troubled.

Beach erosion has been a natural occurrence since the dawn of time.

Yes, the ice caps are melting and there is an alarming increase in sea level. Yes, this is influenced by human’s contribution to global warming. However, the change in coastlines has been happening for centuries.

From The Delaware Geological Survey

Above is a historical geological map of Lewes, DE. The coastlines have always been dynamic concepts. They are constantly being altered and shaped by winds, currents, and wave activity. In Cape Henlopen, Delaware, the point has developed northward about one mile in the last 160 years. Pictured are changes in land from 1926 to 1997.

Man has been a major source of error by contributing to climate change, but man has also wronged by setting roots along the coast. Instead of placing foreign sand in areas that are threatening our homes, we should start building homes inland and restrict building along the shore. Rather than man insisting that the earth adapts to us, it’s time that we start conforming to the earth.

It’s hard to relay this idea without sounding politically conservative. I just truly think that what has been happening to the earth is somewhat of a domino effect. Human expansion of the greenhouse effect is causing global warming, which causes the melting of ice caps, resulting in sea-level rise and erosion. Ultimately, this results in the destruction of sea line homes and structures. Instead of trying to catch the dominos in the middle (erosion) from hitting the latter dominos (human formations), we need to focus on the source of what is initially activating this physical descent. Why try to correct something that is caused unnaturally with even more unnatural influences?

Enjoying dinner on “The Point” in Lewes, DE during a summer sunset

Preserving our coastal homes is a selfish and unnatural trait.

Instead of fixing the effects of global warming, let’s focus on fixing the many causes of it.