Deforestation is Back

It didn’t seem that all too long ago the world was put on a slight halt to channel our focus on keeping our rain forests in tack. Not only for the sake of the inhabitant animals, but also to allow for specific crops to grow back due to their high demand.

In Bolivia, deforestation has increased due to the high demand of soy bean by big industry and general consumers. In Brazil, the Amazon has faced an increase in deforestation for the first time in over a decade. These areas of loss are not coming at a coincidence though but are due to Cargill and Bunge, two American-based food industry giants. These two companies are the only two companies that have stake in the food industry within these countries and are one of the main factors for the loss of forests over time.

It seems that for every action put forth in light of preservation of nature, there will always be a greedy reaction down the line that only nixes the previous efforts to prevent such a happening. It amazes me how some people and organizations can be ignorant to saving our Earth’s natural resources for the sake of money. I understand why people want money, but there are alternate resources and locations for which money can be gained. I guess time will only tell how environmentalists balance back against big corporations. For now, I guess the first step is avoiding soy bean products from Cargill and Bunge. Its a small step, but the power of the consumer can eventually outlast a producer’s desires.