Five Reasons to Visit (And Conserve) the Brandywine Creek

  1. It’s undeniably beautiful
Brandywine Creek

The Creek flows for more than seven miles in Delaware alone, not to mention the 30+ miles of Creek just north in Pennsylvania.

2. Not only is the Creek beautiful, but so is the surrounding parkland

Brandywine Creek State Park

Brandywine Creek State Park covers more than 900 acres of land in North Wilmington, Delaware, and plays host to various events throughout the year, including cross country meets, hayrides, picnics, weddings, and even a haunted trail in late October.

3. Brandywine Creek once housed a water buffalo preservation

Not only are they cute, but these two water buffalo, named Artful Dodger and Oliver Twist, worked to remove invasive species from the Brandywine Valley. Wouldn’t it be awesome if someday we employed an Edwin Drood and Uncle Scrooge to do the same?

4. It is one of the few places in Northern Delaware that offers canoeing and tubing excursions

Canoeing near the Red Covered Bridge on the Brandywine

The Brandywine is one of two parks in New Castle County that allows canoeing on its waters, and it is the only canoeing option on a river. (At Lums Pond, the only option is the Pond!) Choose to canoe for 6 or 12 miles, or to tube for a little less, and enjoy a day on the water.

5. Everyone should get a chance to enjoy the beauty of the Creek, and the fun of the surrounding area

Girl plays on locally built rock was at Brandywine Creek State Park

Brandywine Creek State Park recently celebrated its 50th birthday. Hopefully it will celebrate many, many more.