Killington, VT

A white blur, numerous peaks, slippery slopes, and blatant disregard for safety make up one of the very places I visit annually; Killington, Vermont. Driving up concrete mountains to reach valleys that house colonies of wooden condominiums- which offer the only refuge from the cold- is only the beginning of this ski trip. Mechanical boots, like personal anchors tied to your ankles, test your love for the sport with each step in the snow. Thousands of people leaving their marks on the terrain as you forge your way to the mountain bottom. A rainbow of colors label each path alongside medical officials positioned as mile markers along the way. Thousands of trees are permanently coated in fluffy white, all which harbor an almost-aerial view of the whole town. There are mechanical conveyors that hoister people to their destinations, instructors herding beginners in their classes on simulated slopes, and people huddled to take pictures and complain of aching muscles. It is one of my favorite places in the world and I am always excited to encounter the full experience of nature that Vermont offers.

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