Never Had Allergies Before? Now You Might

I’ve been fortunate enough to never experience allergies (knock on wood). However, there are many people in my family who are terrible allergy sufferers and watching them be sick for months at a time is grueling. Year after year, their symptoms seemed to get worse and worse; 2017 has been the worst yet. Many people who have never be afflicted now find themselves dreading the warm, grass cutting days. All ages are experiencing allergy symptoms for the first time this year, and old sufferers find that their suffering is prolonged as the duration of allergy season seems to increase as well. While there is no proven explanation to justify the cause of these changes, the most likely suspect falls to climate change. With rising temperatures, the pollen count continually hits an all time high. How? Because trees take advantage of the warmer winters that used to inhibit their pollen growth and distribution. This means that allergy “season” is able to start earlier, last longer, and have a higher impact. So remember this if you find yourself with a stuffed nose and itchy, watery eyes, because it’s likely that us non-allergy sufferers will be affected if the planet’s temperature continues to rise at this rate.

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