Social Media and the Climate March

Social media in todays day and age has a huge impact on global issues. So many people use social media to try and advertise and adovcate for causes like climate change and science that it’s hard to think of how word got out when there was not social media. Given todays generation, I do think social media is a good platform to use when talking about environmental issues. By just typing in Climate March or March for science in google, you can get over 3 million hits. Many people use social media as a way to target the general public on a larger scale. By using just a hashtag alone, your post will return so many hits and alot of people will be able to see what you are talking about. However, when using social media it is important to be strategic in how you post and what you post about. I think most of the time, people get caught in trying to make a post political and forget that they will then be only reaching a specific audience. I think that in order for social media posting to be successful, it is best to leave out politics.

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