Sunny Days in Hampton Bays

About 80 miles east from New York City there’s a small, peaceful town called Hampton Bays. In this town made up mostly of water, there’s a house at the end of a street named Oldfield Lane. This antique, brown house that overlooks the Tiana Bay, served as a beautiful escape and vacation home for my family and I the past two summers. I will always remember the lonely, long, yet peaceful time spent driving out to Hampton Bays for a weekend of relaxation. One look out the living room window was enough to whisk away all my cares— they disappear with the tide. The days in Hampton Bays would start at 9AM, when the sun was high and shining the sky. The whole house would lay asleep, and I would bring my morning cup of coffee out on the deck and watch the waves move to and from the shore. Some days, it felt as if my coffee was as hot as the morning sun. As the rest of my family would wake, the house filled with noise. The fast paced footsteps of my niece running through the living room, the sound of my mother’s voice asking everyone what they want for breakfast, the doors to the deck sliding open and closed — all served as music to my ears. Eventually, It came time to say goodbye to the house that gave my family and I two beautiful and memorable summers. Although the house is gone, the memories made will stay with me forever.