The Obsession with Leaving Earth 1.0

From a young age, I wanted to get into a science-related career. My dad would buy me and my brothers anything we wanted from a hobby store (I truly cannot remember the name of the store we would go to but they had paint-by-numbers kits, model planes/trains/cars and more). I remember wanting the chemistry kits and sets that had to do with the solar system.

I think that’s a common thing among children, this fascination with space, planets, and what it is exactly that might be seeing up in the sky at night.

I’ve noticed over time that the fascination with the unknown universe isn’t contained within childhood — it remains with us. But the reasoning is what seems to change over time.

NASA Announcement Video

NASA recently announced the discovery of seven Earth-sized planets. Immediately the first thoughts of many will mainly be “are any of them hospitable to sustain life?”

As a cynical human being, my follow up question is: what does it matter if they are?

OK…That actually sounds awful to say, but let’s take a step back and actually think about how, as humans, we have this obsession with finding new planets to sustain life. NASA’s astronomers are more focused on expanding the knowledge of alien life in other planets/solar systems, but what happens once we find life on these planets? How long will it take before there is a plan to travel and colonize the habitable planets?

Instead of pin-holing our focus on what to do with these new planets — and how we may learn to live there if they are discovered to sustain life — we should focus on fixing the problems that have been growing with. it enough effort for reversal.

We shouldn’t be losing more species than we are discovering, nor should it be nearly 70° in February in Northern Delaware.

Start questioning your daily habits in life, and compare them with what you want to happen to Earth 1.0. Become more cognizant of the effect your habits have not only on your local space, but globally as well.

Just because there are potentially other options (more like back up plans once the life is sucked out of Earth), doesn’t mean we abandon our problems that we caused here already. If we don’t learn to fix the problems we cause, we are doomed to relive the cycle and move from planet to planet with no real solutions in mind.

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