Thoughts on Clicktivism

Social media serves as the perfect place for people to share their opinions. Through these online platforms, we are exposed to an infinite library of endless information. Clicktivism refers to the use of social media and the Internet to advance social causes. Many people believe that advocating for social change over the internet is a waste of time, and brings about no real change. In a way, it is possible to be caught behind screens without anything mounting to real changes. However, in a world where we are increasingly connected to technology, social media is a great place to send a message, spread awareness, and influence the minds of people all over the world at the click of a button.

It can be difficult to decipher between what is fact and what is opinion, but with so many different viewpoints on the Internet, it’s not too hard to find both sides to an argument. As people publicized the #ClimateMarch online, it drew attention from people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Environmental organizations shared links to scholarly articles, lending their voices to the masses. There is responsibility, as writers, that comes with the content that we choose to read, write, and share with others. It is likely that somewhere, our writing could impact someone in some way. To live in fear that our writing may have no true power and others may not take topics seriously on the internet, we withhold the influence of language. As long as people use the internet in productive ways, activism will continue with the help of social media.

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