Top 5 Reasons Why Taking Care of Nature is Kind of a Big Deal

(you live there, right?)

Picture it: Earth, 2017. So maybe you can’t picture the whole thing. And for this post that’s totally fine. But imagine your backyard, your neighborhood, or even just general places around where you live. Now think about the state of those places. Are they littered? Do you see bright colors? Or is everything a dull shade of brown?

Here are some reasons why taking care of nature is pretty essential:

  1. You like cute animals, right? Well, if you keep screwing around with mother nature, those cute woodland creatures won’t have a place to live.
  2. Do you like cold winters and warm summers? Let’s try and keep it that way. Climate change definitely is a progressively problematic issue.
  3. Do you like swimming in the ocean over the summer? If you’re a person who tends to be a chronic litterer, your actions suggest otherwise.
  4. How about your family? Do you expect to have grandchildren in the future? What kind of earth would you want them to live in?
  5. It’s where you live. Treat Earth like you would treat your home: carefully and cautiously.

Ask yourself these questions and decide whether or not you’re being proactive. If you’re not, start! Join environmental clubs at school that encourage positive thinking, do some research on how you can effectively take care of the nature surrounding you, ask your friends!

Taking care of nature is a big deal because you live there. Because harmful actions towards the environment will eventually harm you. And you wouldn’t want that, right?

Listen. Learn. Be proactive. And most importantly, do what you can to save mother earth!

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