Warm, Spring Weather… In Winter?

If Climate Change is a hoax put forth by the Chinese… well, they’re doing a really great job convincing me.

70 degrees in February? Where are we, Florida?

I can’t help but cringe when I see people walking around in tank tops, shorts, and sandals on campus. There are people lounging lackadaisically out on the green, soaking up the sun’s rays. Do they know that this isn’t normal? And if they do, why don’t they care more? Sometimes even I forget that it’s February, and on this day a few years ago, it was snowing.

I think it’s really easy to just ignore what is happening around us and instead insist on “enjoying the sun’s rays”. But what is problematic about all of this is that we are conditioned to continue on without questioning. And although some people do go against the grain and openly challenge this extreme weather change, to what degree are they even effective?

Climate change is real. It’s something that is increasingly problematic and perhaps something that we can put the brakes on. But with an administration that vehemently denies its effects, how are we supposed to move on from here?

I, as much as anyone else, would love to learn more about how I personally can make some sort of positive change. I’ll be doing my research, and you should, too.

You can enjoy the sun’s rays while also being critical of this extreme weather change in the middle of winter.

Do your research.

Be proactive.

Try to make a change somehow, even if it’s small.

I’ll be with you doing the same.

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