We are Stuck

With each passing year, our society progresses towards a potential solution for previous years’ mistakes. Whether it is from a social, economic, or technological standard, humanity changes for better or for worse. The problem with our progressions is that we cannot conceive what we are doing wrong in the big picture.

Think back to when you were in grade school reading history books on previous centuries. When learning about people’s lifestyles and the way people spent their time, it always seemed inconceivable that people could live the way they did. For example, less than one hundred years ago people were told that smoking cigarettes was good for your health, made you skinny, and made you feel good. Nowadays, the cigarette industry faces decline due to widespread knowledge on the dangers and risks or smoking cigarettes. At the time of its initial surge in popularity, nobody could see that their habits were harmful.

The same train of thought can apply to today’s world. We are so caught up in our economic success that we are not focusing on bigger issues at hand. Think of big business as a cigarette; because our nation is addicted to the feel-good sensation of making trades happen and stimulating the economy. What these chain-smokers do not realize is that their short time success is only hurting themselves down the line.

There needs to be an epiphany across the United States, if not the world, on how we view business. Business deals constantly sacrifice our Earth’s natural resources for one reason or the next. There must be a call to action to preserving our nature’s health before it is too late and we realize our mistakes are irreversible. But for now, we must continue to deal with big business and an economic mindset. For now, the changes we need will be outlasted by the imminent wants of our leaders. For now, we are stuck.

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