What a beautiful day?

It was Sunday of last week and I had just finished making my breakfast. I peered outside the corner of my kitchen and saw that there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Forecasters had predicted it to be in the mid 60s and definitely was a day to take advantage of.

My friends and I proceeded to go outside and play wiffleball for several hours and simply enjoy the sun. We weren’t the only ones enjoying the day though. Others were biking, out for jogs, or just out on their decks enjoying the warmer temperatures. It was a wonderful day that naturally shouldn’t occur, but only recently became possible.

There was a moment amid all of the action and fun of the day where I asked myself “Can I truly enjoy this day?” I started to feel guilty and almost ashamed of my ignorance to the fact that this weather should not being occurring in the first place. I feel that most people had that thought in the back of their mind in regards to the irregular weather, but others would choose to just enjoy the day for what it is. I for one couldn’t help but think what this meant for the Earth. I mean, it wasn’t my fault that global warming is occurring, so why should I feel guilty for it?

Although I enjoyed the rest of the day without completely overthinking a nice day, it at least stirred the thought into my head. For such a beautiful day at the end of February, I would have been much more content with a cold and snow filled day if I knew it meant the Earth was on track with where it should be.

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