What We Want Versus What We Need

Close your eyes and imagine the world in its purest form. Untouched by the grimy, dirt-stained hands of humans; away from our insufferable need to expand. We want to expand, grow, and facilitate our daily lives. This could be the most glorious concept— to crave growth — and yet it’s turned into a horrifying reality. Imagine if we planted acres of trees and native plants every time we craved growth instead of tearing down an equivalent size of land to build a shopping mall. What if we felt the need to fill our world with naturally growing life, instead of garbage and pollution?

White Clay Creek State Park — June 2016

Think for a moment: how does an image of a secluded, natural area make you feel? To some, it may be frightening — to be all alone. No cell service, no Wi-Fi, no barista around the corner ready to make your skinny vanilla latte. To others it is a meditative safe haven. Regardless of your personal feelings toward the natural world, there is one undeniable fact — it is natural and it belongs here.

Those weeds growing through the cracks on the concrete is striving to survive in a world that believes it shouldn’t exist. It seems a lot of living things are treated as if they don’t deserve to exist in places that are natural for them — we need to take a step back and think about what we really need in this world.

Do we need more shopping malls? Do we need more landfills? Do we need more harmful chemicals?

What we need most, I think, is a strategy.