Experimental University: Mirzoeff

Edward Said: “The last utopia in Western society” is the University.

The university: a place a emancipation rather than instruction-it was a “vision of re figuring of social space”

utopian space: in between ruins of both museums and universities

Utopian University: is the machine- it’s not a place of consumption, it’s a place of production.

Dream-image: By Walter Benjamin; “expressed his sense that the Arcades were an important site in which people were trying to dream the future into being.”

Knowledge production: Sarah Maharaj- the connection between art (the museum) and the university is getting blurred. It’s a “Dream of emancipation tha tis yet to come”

Emancipation: “The legal or biological prcess by whicha mino attains status as a subject”-such as come of age, be set free, etc. What is enlightening=emancipation as well (“Man’s quitting the nonage occasioned by himself”)

Biopower: By Foucault- the intersection of life with power- sets ages of consent

nonage: the legal state of minority which required emancipation

man: white, male, able-bodied, european

atlas group : aesthetic and cultural laboratory

Norbert Weiner: “compares the electronic machine to the imported slaves of antiquity.” “New emancipation from the necessity to work would be for all, rather than the minority supported by slavery”

“If there is to be a cultural and political significance to this expansion beyond the simple pursuit of numbers, then the challenge of anarchism, experimentation and utopia presented by this show will have to be faced.”


Utopian dream vs new realism

knowledge vs information

place of encounter vs recruitment of elite

dream-image vs socio economic amelioration now offered to students

critique vs transfer of info

emancipation vs instruction

make power visible vs make power invisible

1. Why did he think it was a good idea to put tiny white writing on a red background????

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