POTENTIAL AUDIENCE: College-aged woman

1. Interview and Reflect

a. Notes

i. Sam, 20 junior in college

ii. Half-Bosnian

1. Can speak Bosnian

2. Went to bosnia

iii. Loves Disney movies

1. Fave is adadin bc she thinks she is princess jasmine

iv. Loves Jimmy Fallon

v. Loves watching sports like the Badgers and the Packers

vi. From Sheboygan, WI-small town outside of sheboygan

b. Reflect

i. Whats her fave Disney movie

ii. How many did she watch growing up

iii. How is her self-eestem

iv. Does she use online dating things such as tinder

v. Boyfriends?

2. Dig Deeper

a. Notes

i. Has eating disorder

ii. Having difficulties eating

iii. Birthday next week-21

1. Likes jose cuervo

iv. Grandma is dying-so sad

v. Talks to her mom on the phone a lot

vi. Used to use Tinder –not anymore

vii. Has had a few boyfriends, nothing super serious since freshman year

viii. Just got a new job (yay)

ix. Is single at the moment

x. Just passed a really hard test she thought she failed last week

xi. Yes I watched a lot of Disney movies growing up

1. Pocahontas and adladin were among the favorites

2. Fave princess is jasmine

3. Liked Cinderella

4. Watched Disney movies every night

5. Had bookshelf but instead of books was Disney VHS

xii. Today I am feeling damn good

b. Reflect

i. When is she feeling good or bad?

ii. What does watching a lot of Disney movies mean?

iii. Should we do more media?

3. Frame the Problem (or opportunity)


i. Self Eestem & Media exposed to as a kid

ii. Eating disorder

iii. Grandma dying


i. Turning 21 next week

ii. Just got a new job

iii. Thought she failed her test and she passed it with an 80

c. ____ needs a way to______

4. Explore insights and surprises

a. Insights She has a lot going on in her life

i. Why is this important?

1. It can cause her to become stressed

ii. Why is this important?

1. It can cause to to be unhappy

iii. Why is that important?

b. Surprises : Today is she feeling damn good

i. Why is this important

1. Because she is happy

ii. Why is this important

1. Beacause she is not failing a class

iii. Why is that important

Reframe as a potential solution, product or social movement:

-Maybe reframe the project from just Disney to more media??

-create a social movement against Disney movies using my data??

-disney needs to make more realistic looking girls?

-solution: Disney makes more realistic BOYS AND GIRLS in their movies?

-boys: create new Disney boys/story arcs-not the same as before

Reframe as a contemporary problem because of it

Samantha needs a way to….find selfe eestem

1. Interview and Reflect

a. Notes

i. Yes happy with life in general

ii. I guess I am happy with my physical appearance

iii. Im not like super fit

iv. Nah not much time

v. Yeah I feel confident

vi. Yes watched Disney movies

vii. Yes enjoyed

viii. Watched a lot of Disney movies-my sister is like huge on Disney so she owns like all of the DVDS

ix. Yeah –uhm I liked mulun and little mermaid

x. Yes thought princesses were beautiful

xi. Yes owned merchandise, yes own some today

xii. Yes happy child

xiii. I think we had one Cinderella dress up dress in our clothes-pochahontas too

1. I always liked ariel’s hair but didn’t desperately want to

xiv. Haven’t seen brave

b. Reflect- what questions

2. Dig Deeper

a. Notes

b. Reflect

3. Frame the problem

a. Problem

b. Opportunity

4. Insights & surprises


5. Interview and Reflect

a. Notes

i. In a sorority

ii. In college

iii. Junior

iv. Electrical engineering

v. Yes happy with life

vi. No self-esteem issues

vii. Watched a lot of Disney movies

viii. Jasmine in adalin, lion king –nala, belle

1. I looked up to nala- I thought she was the strongest female character

2. Jasmine did not really-kind of a ditz you know

ix. Was a happy child

x. No not a problem-especially with frozen with two strong female leads-yeah yes I do think they changed

xi. Men are still the same-perfect proportions-it’s a cartoon that’s how cartoons work

1. Too high of expectations-so it’s a cartoon

b. Reflect

i. Maybe think of it from a men’s aspect

6. Dig Deeper

a. Notes

b. Reflect

7. Frame the problem

a. Problem

b. Opportunity

Insights & surprises

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