The Visual Miscellaneum


David McCandless examines the relationship between information and what makes information useful through design. He uses clever design in colorful charts to display information.


  1. Dance Genre-ology: A chart documenting the change in dance music over the decades from Soul to HipHop to House to Rave and everything inbetween. Classic black backround with bright colorcoded colors to distinguish the genres. Different fonts used to match each genre of music.
  2. Vintage Years Red Wine: a chart documenting the taste of red wine from 1990–2007. Types include everything from Argentina to Bordeaux (PSA: their wine is the best) to North Rhone to North Italy. He uses a magenta background with lime green circles to represent each wine. The larger and least transparent the circle is, the better he thinks the wine is.
  3. Most Popular Search Terms 2008: A map of the United States with words in blocks representing the most searched terms. Blocks are blue, orange and green. Most popular words include MySpace, Yahoo, weather, lyrics, games, etc. Hilarious that MySpace was one of the most used.
  4. Pass The…A Table of Condiments that Periodically Go Bad: A periodic table-like chart, but with condiments instead of elements. He used fake abbreviations, such as Pa means Palm Oil. He also color-coded them into how long each condiment lasts. For example, pink is three weeks, purple is 6 weeks and grey is indefinite.


  1. How do we keep this information up to date? Make a digital version of the book that’s able to change?
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