Tsunami of data:

  • There is a lot of data in the world today that’s uncontrolled and unrelated and is not organized.
  • The “tsunami is a wall of data” and more and more is being created.
  • So much information is created-can people really understand the underlying problem going on in the world? IE: Reading about Bosnia in the newspaper.
  • “Uh huh” means that they actually do not know, but we were taught not to look stupid.
  • “When you sell your desire to learn about something, your desire to create….when you sell your curiosity you sell from a bucket w/ an infinitely deep bottom that represents and unlimited repertoire.”
  • WHAT’S IMPORTANT: Our life is opposite than what we’ve been taught- for example: based on memorization in test


  • “means to make something look better”
  • ex: not very involved in understanding the product, just to make package look nice. NOt using the sense of creating meaning or understanding
  • INFORMATION ARCHITECT: “creating of systemic, structural and orderly principles to make something work” to make something clear, to organize (by groups, by alphabetical, etc). Can be different though-we don’t look at atlases alphabetically. “The building of information structures that allow others to understand”
  • LATCH: Location, alphabet, time, category, hierachy
  • “The primary choice of which way you organize something is made by deciding how you want it to be found”
  • SCALE: always relates to us, everything is related to a relationship to a human

1. What would a degree of understanding entail?

2. How do you think his article would have changed if he had written today, over 20 years later? He says “in the 21st century, the floating confetti and its shadows with blow away along with the exploded pie charts.” Do you agree with this statement?

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