English Essay Contest: Second-Place Winner

Next up, the English Writing Center would like to congratulate Oksana Polishchuk, the second-place winner of the English Essay Contest for second year bachelor students at NaUKMA. Check out her winning essay below. Great job, Oksana!

What Does Friendship Mean to You?

It is difficult to define what friendship exactly is, because it cannot be measured by age or time, or other distinct characteristics. Every person has preference and life experience in choosing a real friend. In my opinion, valuable friendship consists of two important parts, such as fidelity to each other and common outlook on life.

To begin with, friendship requires complete loyalty to each other. You have to be ready for self-sacrifice and unselfishness to place friend’s interests above your own ones. Also, you, as a true friend, should keep private secrets. Furthermore, strong personal support is also crucial in good fellowship. It is well said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. Each individual can face a trouble or have a run of a bad luck, that is why a stout heart is needed. A real friend is not a fair-weather friend; he will always be with you to give a wise bit of advice, and will help you anytime. It is important to be understood by someone who is close to you, especially when the whole world is against you.

The second and, frankly speaking, the most important factor in friendship is mutual way of thinking. It is reflected, for instance, in the level of comprehensive knowledge, religious faith, musical preference and even favorite food. The abovementioned values make you a good person. However, only common outlook adds something special, some kind of a soulmate spirit, which makes you best friends. Although peers, especially acquaintances from university or work, usually have similar vision, it does not necessarily mean that this is friendship and only they can become best mates. For example, my mother’s best friend is much older than her, and I spend time with my best friend once or twice a year. Nevertheless, we communicate, have fun and help each other. We are not out of touch. We are still the best mates.

All in all, for everybody good fellowship has different meaning. As for me, friendship is a type of relations where everything is based on devotion, loyalty and similar interests.

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