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How to boost your English in 3 days

Did you know that English For IT has a FREE 3-day program that helps you improve your English and communication skills? We call it… IT English Challenge.

In fact, we have been running it for over 2 years, so we thought it was time we told you about it.

Why did we create IT English Challenge?

When making the English For Tech course, we decided to identify the most common and biggest pain points that our students had.

They were the following:

1. Vocabulary — you know “general” vocabulary but you don’t know the words and expressions that are used in modern tech communication.

2. Grammar — you understand the rules but that knowledge goes out of the window when you start speaking.

3. Pronunciation — you mispronounce common tech terms (for example: archive, purchase, LinkedIn, software, etc.).

4. Lack of a clear learning roadmap and goals — you know you need to improve your English but don’t have a clear plan of how to do it.

5. Lack of soft skills — soft skills are what separates an excellent professional from an okay professional. They are very important not just for your English, but for your career overall.

So, we designed IT English Challenge to prove that you can make progress in these 5 areas in just 3 days!

We spent two years choosing the most useful content and figuring out a way to teach it in the least amount of time. Most importantly, we wanted to show that there are no excuses for not making English your priority.

Who is this challenge for?

Tech English is modern English, so the challenge will be useful to all English learners from Elementary to Upper-Intermediate.

You will definitely get value out of this challenge if you are:

1. A tech professional who wants to upgrade their career

2. A non-technical person who works with tech professionals (project manager, designer, marketer, HR manager, etc.)

3. A student or career switcher looking for a job in tech

Also, if you are considering taking one of our custom courses but don’t know which one is right for you, this challenge will help you figure that out.

Challenge overview

What does this challenge involve, and why is it effective?

Day 1. Setting goals and learning useful vocabulary.

We start with setting smart goals that will set you up for success.

Then, we supercharge your vocabulary with useful words and phrases. Such as these, for example:

Day 2. Grammar and pronunciation.

In day 2, we talk about:

1. Which grammar topics you need to master for successful day-to-day communication in tech

2. How to make your English polite

3. Pronunciation mistakes: which words do you mispronounce and how to fix that?

Day 3. Soft skills and planning your learning roadmap.

You have to agree with this tweet:

Useful phrases:

1. Devs = developers

2. Grind away on something = work very long and hard on something

3. Hold (someone) back = prevent someone from moving on and making progress

4. Invaluable = very valuable

Soft skills are incredibly useful for building a career in any industry. In the fast-paced and collaborative world of technology, soft skills are absolutely essential.

Here is what we normally mean by “soft skills”:

A lot of our students become better English speakers by improving their overall level of soft skills. We can never get enough of seeing our students’ progress and getting comments like these:

To keep learning effective, intensive, and fun all at the same time, we use a variety of formats throughout the challenge:

  • Video lessons
  • Quizzes
  • Speaking tasks
  • Webinars

You can follow the challenge in real-time or take it at your own pace, whichever works for you.

Based on the feedback from thousands of students who have taken this challenge, we can promise that IT English Challenge will change your English learning habits and help you achieve your goals in the least amount of time.

All we need from you is your commitment : )

Your journey to fluent English starts now. Are you in? Then go ahead and join IT English Challenge, and we’ll see you there!



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