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In honor of this year’s International Women’s Day, we reached out to the women and girls in our community and asked them the following questions:

  • why did you decide to take a course at English For It?
  • How did learning at English For IT help you to achieve your goals?
  • What advice can you give to our other students?

Here is what they said:

Olena Orlyk

6 months ago I successfully completed the course English for Tech 2.0. It was one of the highlights (=good parts) of this year for me that introduced me to a new stage of my life and career.

I decided to break into (=enter) the tech industry about 1 year ago. I had previous experience and skills that were a good match for a project manager role but quickly realized that I needed to improve my communication and English skills if I wanted to get the job.

That’s how I came across (=found) the English For Tech 2.0 course. And I have to say that the course lived up to my expectations (=was as good as I expected). As a beginner in tech, it was really important for me to not only level up my English but learn more about the tech industry itself.

Becoming part of the English For IT community meant that I gained an opportunity (free of charge, by the way) to take part in webinars, speaking clubs (“coffee breaks”), networking sessions, etc. This way, you get to be in touch with the modern tech world and develop yourself.

So, I want to say thank you to the English For IT team for teaching me relevant language skills and introducing me to a wonderful community of smart, modern, and knowledgeable people.

Ganna Fedorova

I took the English For Tech 2.0 course because my management asked me to : ). I work in a global organization so being a fluent communicator in English is very important for my work.

The course helped me improve the way I communicate with colleagues. For example, I learned about the difference between formal and semi-formal English which made a big difference in how I interact with (=talk to) people at work. It also helped me understand how to learn English daily and consistently (=regularly).

The best advice I can give other students is to not give up! Figure out why you need to improve your English, create a plan and stick to it (=follow it)! Also, don’t get embarrassed (=uncomfortable / upset) if you make a mistake or get something wrong.

Yuliia Hrytzenko

So, I guess it’s worth mentioning that I switched from Digital to Tech five years ago.

At first, my lack of English and communication skills prevented me from moving forward and delivering results in sales and management.

After watching Anna’s webinar about her course English For IT, I was greatly impressed with Anna’s enthusiasm and attitude. I knew that was the solution I was looking for.

I took the English for IT: Communication course, and it was quite challenging but helpful in many ways.

My conversion rate has now tripled (=increased three times), and I feel confident while having meetings with my prospects and customers.

What can I advise other students? I’d say enjoy the process, don’t chase (=“run after”) the results. Yes, setting SMART goals requires you to have a measurable aim, but I believe, it’s more about bearing in mind (=remembering) your main objective. Challenging yourself shouldn’t prevent (=stop) you from having fun.

Iryna Targoniy

Currently, I’m looking for a new job and my pressing (=urgent) goal is to improve my English.

I tried different ways of learning English but I was still shy and afraid to speak with other people.

I took a course from Projector Institute and found English For IT mentioned in the course perks. I said, “Just do it”. When I started to learn with English For IT I liked the interactive approach that helped me enrich (=enlarge) my vocabulary.

My message is — just try different ways of achieving your goal and find what works for you.

We’re so happy that English For IT can help women in tech improve their English and build better careers. And to our female students — you rock! Thanks for motivating and inspiring us.



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