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Relaxation & Education For Your Employees

Would you rather invest in your team’s relaxation or education?
Well, it’s good if you choose a mix of both.

Here are some impressive stats: did you know that 94% of employees say that they would stay with a company that invests in their learning and development?

In other words, over 90% of your team will appreciate the company because they value learning opportunities.

We have recently asked our clients to share their thoughts on

1)why they keep investing in their teams;

2)why investing in their teams is a win-win scenario for them;

3) how to invest wisely in their teams.

Yana Chayun (Account Manager at Alcor):

We work with foreign customers. It’s essential for them that their Ukrainian teams speak English fluently, and English For IT has got us covered.

Mariana Lutska (People Operations Manager at People.ai):

As an HR manager, I always keep track of my team’s learning progress. Some employees have already successfully reached their English goals and completed their learning program.

Zlata Sokolovskaya (HR Manager at Lemel Labs):

The new trend in tech is that customers are eager to communicate directly with developers. That means every developer needs to build excellent communication skills and speak English fluently.

Darya Karpovich, Olga Ignatenko (HR Managers at Scorum):

English classes are a great perk for our team. It’s important for us that they maintain their language skills and constantly improve them.

Investments always pay off in the long run. Yes, education is a long-term investment, so make sure to invest wisely.

Big news and bigger gifts! Let your team have a FULL DAY of English and/or soft skills classes FOR FREE.

Head over to https://english4it.online/corporate to see all the details.



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English For IT

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