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The Gold Coast is certainly heating up…the humidity is a welcome relief from the fresh days. I guess we won’t be saying that in the heart of summer!?

We made it through the school holiday break as disruptive as it is when you are working for a start up but the awesome crew kept the flag flying and have made further progress on the development and validation of the product.

Here’s what we do: Enhanced Society creates Smart Equity to enable startups and SME’s to utilise their most valuable asset, their equity.

Where’s the product at?

We’ve completed our user testing on a small scale and are excited to move ahead to validate the product offering on a larger scale focusing on persona specific messaging of key features to understand the market appeal.

We are pleased to have partnered with one of largest crowd funding platforms in Australia and will be delivering an MVP for their governance offering via an API plugged into their existing platform that will revolutionise the way companies manage and communicate with their shareholders.

#opensource is how we roll so grab your fork and enjoy our Enhanced Society GitHub feast!

Links we like:

We are constantly learning and validating our knowledge in this innovative, dynamic space. Here are some links to interesting things we’ve come across this week.

Where you’ll find us

We are all heads down in “The Park” this week (btw that’s what we call our office space). We ran another successful Gold Coast Blockchain Meetup this week that focused on updating ERC20 token contract and are focusing on moving ahead with our own product and project funding.

Fun outside the office

With the warmer weather gracing us, there is likely to be a lot more salt water mixed into our days with the ocean only a stones throw away.

If only this was the view from our office window!!!

We are also looking at the crypto events calendar to determine what valuable events we want to attend over the coming months. If anyone has any recommendations please let us know.

Keen to connect?

Sharing ideas around innovation is what drives us on a daily basis. We love connecting with projects locally and internationally so if you want to drop by to see what we are up to, share what you are working on, or simply say hi please get in touch. Telegram, Twitter, LinkedIn, www and all that jazz!

Enhanced Society

From hardcore tech to individual thoughts…we encourage an open source inclusive platform for all to learn and share.

Enhanced Society

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Empowering Human Creativity

Enhanced Society

From hardcore tech to individual thoughts…we encourage an open source inclusive platform for all to learn and share.

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