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Enhanced Society
Sep 19, 2018 · 3 min read

Hey! David here, tech guy @ Enhanced Society. I want to share an introduction to who we are, why we are here, what we do and how we do it. As a modern company we tend to do things a bit differently here, as such there will be a lot to digest in this post.

BTW, I’ve dropped a few recent images of us working through this post. All these photos are us working. Creative healthy lifestyle is a big thing for us.

I have one simple goal though, for those who can’t come visit us in our office, I want you to know a bit about us. We aren’t a group of randoms coming together to cash in on new tech fads, we aren’t a hugely distributed company, we aren’t a typical Valley style startup. That being said, we are community driven, we endeavour to live creative, healthy lives that reward not only us and our families, but the community around us. Now I’m sure we’ll write at great length about our vision and values in the future, so I’ll keep it to a minimum for now!

So, who are we? You can see us all on the homepage. We are a small company in the lovely Palm Beach suburb of the Gold Coast, Australia. We’re a 10 minute walk from the awesome surf break of Currumbin Alley and 20 mins from the amazing Gold Coast Hinterland (and the mountain bike tracks!). We like to skate to coffee shops and do pilates in the park in front of our offices. We often walk to the beach and swim/surf together too. We love where we are based!

We’re a team of people of varied skills and backgrounds working together not only in the belief of a better tomorrow, but to actually execute on a better tomorrow.

We’re accessible and keen to catch up. Say hello! ES Telegram chat

Read on below for more info on how we do things!


How we do things is also different. Some key points:

  • we are doing everything open source
  • we take time every day to get outside and enjoy nature, often together (come join us.. often we are out between 12–230 for surf/bike/skate/run/pilates/meditation/etc)
  • transparency is a big thing for us
  • we see ourselves as first members of The Enhanced Society, a community of people aligned around a set of values and vision
  • include our community in what we do as much as possible
  • we want rewards and successes to be shared, starting with ours

What we are doing

What we’re doing right now is building out our platform. We’re supporting ourselves by offering top tier TSE (token sale event) services to a select few clients.

As we build our platform out to match our services needs, we’re thinking about how to make quality TSE projects come to life. We want anyone to be empowered to work on the thing they love and be able to fund it via their own community. We think we have a model that works, it’s going to be amazing for our community!

As part of our platform we’re designing a suite of protocols to enable community driven contribution to quality entrepreneurial pursuits. Think 0x for TSE fund raising!

Some of the things we care about:

  • identity
  • fund raising
  • financial and social inclusion
  • governance
  • decentralised organisations

I think that mostly covers it. Come say hello in our telegram or the office itself. We are only as strong as our community!

We’re going to start a series of interviews with our team and community to show what cool stuff is going on and to share the things we’re learning every day.

Once again — come say hello in our telegram chat: ES Telegram chat

Enhanced Society

From hardcore tech to individual thoughts…we encourage an open source inclusive platform for all to learn and share.

Enhanced Society

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Empowering Human Creativity

Enhanced Society

From hardcore tech to individual thoughts…we encourage an open source inclusive platform for all to learn and share.

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