[UPDATED] Enjinstarter Staking Guide

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There are three simple steps to stake in the Enjinstarter Staking Site.

STEP 1: Purchase your wEJS on:

STEP 2: Go the Enjinstarter Staking Site and connect your wallet.

STEP 3: STAKE your WEJS tokens in your chosen pool. NOTE: No Staking = No Allocation.

For the comprehensive guide on How to Take Part in Enjinstarter’s IDOs, please refer here: Enjinstarter IDO Guide

If you want to learn more about our Tiers and its benefits, visit this link: Enjinstarter Tier Benefits

Introducing the new and improved Enjinstarter Staking Dashboard

Go to stake.enjinstarter.com and start staking by connecting your wallet. Once it’s connected, select your preferred pool and enter the amount of tokens you want to stake.

Users can choose from 5 different pools:

  • 999-Day Staking Pool (999D)
  • 365-Day Staking Pool (365D)
  • 180-Day Staking Pool (180D)
  • 88-Day Staking Pool (88D)
  • 31-Day Staking Pool (31D)

New Staking Dashboard

For every available pool, the following information will be available to you:

Unstaking and Rewards will be available once the pool has matured/expired. You would then be able to get the rewards in your wallet. However, if you would like to remain in the same pool, you will be able to re-stake through the re-stake button.

There is no more migration and cooldown. Once the maturity period is over, you can unstake/withdraw right away and re-stake whenever you want.

You can always stake more in the same pool. Also note that by adding more tokens, the current maturity date will reset.

In this new dashboard, you would still be able to access the previous pools by clicking the “previous pools” button at the top right corner of the page.

Should you have any more questions or concerns regarding our staking or anything Enjinstarter-related, feel free to visit Enjinstarter FAQs.

You can also reach out to us via our socials to keep yourself updated with our newest releases as we continue to strive to be one of the best launchpads in the crypto space.

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