The future of work, team effectiveness, work culture, and notes from our gathering

We brought together 15 people from growing companies all over Philly to discuss workplace challenges. While this was certainly the beginning, here’s what we learned from our first gathering.

Mike Tannenbaum
Jan 27, 2017 · 5 min read
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Our Biggest Takeaways:

1. It’s like “workplace therapy!”.

I heard through the grapevine that someone said our time together was like workplace therapy, and they want more of it. So, stay tuned!

2. The biggest challenge everyone is facing is the sheer pace of change.

Whether we’re talking about bringing new hires up to speed, rapidly scaling operations, evolving marketing strategies, or any other issue, change seems to be the only constant. Which begets the question, “how do we design our teams and organizations so they’re able to cope with the rapidly-increasing uncertainty we each face on a daily basis?” The answer: change the way we operate. From how decisions are made, to how strategies are designed, to how roles relate to responsibilities, everything as we know it now needs to be rethought, and an entirely new way of operating needs to be implemented — one that’s designed for this less predictable, more volatile environment. How? By talking, learning, experimenting, and empowering people.

3. We need to regularly make time for internal reflection and discussion around organizational challenges.

Most of us are so busy working IN the business, we don’t make time to work ON the business. Discussing everything from communications challenges and information sharing, to developing people and creating better work environments, to clearly defining and aligning teams around a shared purpose, are essential for the creation of sustainable, value-adding businesses. It’s great to collaborate and share ideas and insights as a group of people from myriad organizations, but every org itself needs to make time — on a regular basis — to talk about HOW work gets done, beyond just doing the work. Oftentimes it’s more beneficial to pause, reflect, and do something differently, than it is to keep doing things “the way we do them.”

4. People want to convene and explore this stuff frequently.

I’m so happy to have received such positive responses from so many of the people who attended! I’m excited to run more of these sessions, and start to bring some structure and cadence into our time together. I’ll certainly lead up the efforts to make this happen, but I want to open it up to anyone who may be interested in helping organize alongside me. Specifically, I’m looking for help with logistics and marketing, as well as someone to work with me on content and structure. If you’re interested, please email me

Things to remember when you go back to work:

  • Helping people understand WHY they’re being asked to do something pays extraordinary dividends. Provide visibility and transparency into the “why” behind every decision, and you’ll unlock an incredible amount of potential from your team.

Some of the questions that arose from our discussions, that we’ll surely cover in the future:

  • Company culture: How do we create a workplace that’s fun, while still being effective? What do we do if we don’t have “culture” but want to?

As we can see, many workplaces share the same challenges.

Many people are so overloaded with the challenges of today, it’s tough for them to make time to think about what’s coming up tomorrow. But as leaders, we must make sure to give ourselves — and our teams — the space to think, plan, experiment, learn, iterate, and move forward. And as we make that space to solve tomorrow’s challenges, we’ll simultaneously make things better for our teams today.

This gathering was the first of many, and we’ll be reconvening on a semi-regular basis in Philadelphia. I’m extending an open invite to you, and the people you know who might be interested in these discussions, to come join us any time. If you’re interested in more info, please subscribe to my company’s newsletter, and we’ll keep you up to date with all our gatherings and workshops.

The future will be co-created through collaboration and experimentation. Let me know when you’re ready to explore.

Mike Tannenbaum

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