Grocery Stores Need to be on Your Travel Itinerary!

To really understand how people live you need to get away from the touristy sections

Photo by Thomas Le on Unsplash

I love to travel! There is something so special about being able to go to another place and wander around and learn about how other people live.

Travel is so much more than seeing the “tourist” places. Yes, I love going to the fancy museums and the national landmarks, but to really understand how people live you need to get away from the touristy sections.

One thing I absolutely do in every place I visit is to go to the grocery store! I know this sounds a little strange. But it is amazing. First, you are probably hungry. Second, you get to see what people in this place are buying. Third, it’s absolutely free to enter!!!!!!

When you go into the store pick up a basket. Think about things that you could buy that would make your trip enjoyable. Grabbing a few things for snacks and breakfast at your hotel are good ideas. Another great idea is to get some instant coffee, tea and sugar, and milk. If you have a way of heating up water this will save you at least $5 every morning!

There is nothing worse than waking up in the middle of the night, jet lag is awful sometimes, and being hungry. If you have a few snacks or pieces of fruit you won’t have this problem. Also, snacks may be difficult to find while you are traveling and they are probably expensive. If you have the opportunity you could just grab a drink and pull out a quick snack. Saving money on mid-day snacks and breakfast will give you more traveling money to spend on that really cool museum you wanted to go to.

As you are wandering around the store looking for your own goodies you get to see what the locals are eating at their homes. Some of my favorite places in the store are the bakery section, the produce aisle, and the snack and confectionery area. Walk around, have fun, ask questions if you want!

After you get your snacks and check out, have a look around at the stores near the grocery. Chances are you will find someplace awesome. When I was in Prague, I stopped at a grocery and it was in a shopping center. In the food court was the most amazing crepe place. I managed to eat there three times in one week.

Good luck, happy shopping and enjoy your travels!



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