Self-Care Tips for Flying Well

Forget fear of flying. It’s my body I’m worried about…

Toby Israel
Enjoy Life And Travel


Flight one of four. Thirty hours to go. On the menu: crappy food, recycled air, mercurial temperatures, sitting-up sleep (the worst kind) and far too many people in far too small a space.

Forget fear of flying. It’s my body I’m worried about when I get on a plane.

I have had the privilege of flying to the point of exhaustion — and it is, indeed, a privilege to travel to such an extent that the miraculous fact of air travel becomes a mundane chore. Over time, I’ve learned to take care of myself better during the journey so it doesn’t destroy my body and ruin the fun of the destination.

Whether I’m in it for the long-haul, or just hopping on a quick flight, this is how I keep from turning into a zombie with dry skin, sunken eyes and stiff limbs:

1.Drink water. Of course. The air is cold, we quickly become dehydrated, and maybe it’s just me, but something about the changing air pressure seems to kick my bladder into overdrive. It is ridiculously easy to become dehydrated during air travel. Not only do I start the trip with a full bottle of water (filled up on the other side of security, of course), but I also make a point of drinking a cup of water every time a flight attendant offers one, and again…