11 Must-Read Newsletters for Product Managers

Sofia Quintero
Apr 23 · 6 min read

Product Buff

The first newsletter in this round-up is Product Buff, Pedram Dara’s fascinating product management newsletter.

Prioritised: The Product Management Newsletter

Prioritised: The Product Management Newsletter is a weekly newsletter produced by Mind the Product, one of the best product management resources on the web.

Ray Sensenbach

Ray Sensenbach has been working in product and design for over a decade and brings his considerable experience to bear in his weekly newsletter.

Bringing the Donuts

Ken Norton’s Bringing the Donuts is one of the most widely read product newsletters out there.

Tim Herbig

Author and speaker Tim Herbig knows a thing or two about product, having worked in senior product management roles at several leading technology companies including entrepreneurial consultancy ORBIT and European career social media platform XING. As such, Herbig’s newsletter is packed with firsthand insights into the challenges facing product managers today.

Product Management Insider

The Product Management Insider newsletter might not be the most frequent digest in this round-up, but what it lacks in publishing frequency it makes up for in the quality of its content.

280 Group

The product management consultancy 280 Group’s newsletter is a treasure-trove of resources for hungry product managers who want to dive into the most pressing topics facing product professionals.

Product Psychology

Nir Eyal is one of the most respected and widely read experts working in product design. Eyal’s book, Hooked: How to Build Habit-Forming Products, is considered a bible for product designers and managers alike, and Eyal’s Product Psychology email course is similarly essential reading.

Product Manager HQ

Next up in our round-up of essential product management newsletters is Product Manager HQ.

Product Habits

Serial entrepreneur Hiten Shah has been sharing his insights about product development for years, and his Product Habits newsletter and blog are essential reading for ambitious product managers.

Silicon Valley Product Group

Last but by no means least is the Silicon Valley Product Group (SVPG) newsletter, published by the eponymous organization.

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