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AMA with Nicole Wright — Lead UX Researcher at HoneyBook

How to Build an Effective Research System.

Being the only UX Researcher in the organization is hard.

As a solo researcher, most of your time goes into juggling a never-ending list of research requests and all the time-consuming logistics involved in getting to meaningful insights.

Many hours go into jumping between tools, copying, and pasting data and trying to find the best way to communicate your findings but it doesn’t have to be this way.

In this session Nicole shares all the details and behind the scenes of:

  • How HoneyBook built a robust User Research process that has allowed them to move faster.
  • How to build an effective taxonomy.
  • How customer support, sales, and product teams came together to build a better understanding of customers.
  • How they managed to centralize and leverage data from Intercom, Delighted (NPS), Salesforce, Drift, and Slack.

👉Learn more about EnjoyHQ and how other UX teams built an effective research repository in their organizations.




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