Brand new Stats View! Quantify customer feedback, user properties and metadata using beautiful visualizations.

Bring your qualitative and quantitative data together. EnjoyHQ helps you centralize all your customer feedback and build powerful customer segments so you can monitor not only what customers say but what they do with your product.

The latest version of Stats View in EnjoyHQ helps you slice and dice your data by any customer property or metadata available in your account.

What is the breakdown of my top feature requests by customer segments who use a specific feature? You got it!

What are the bug reports submitted by enterprise customers with a low NPS score? Done!

What is the latest feedback from customer who churned in the last 2 months? Easy peasy.

The possibilities are endless!

Search and quantify all your customer feedback

With the new Stats View you can visualize any search results and switch between views to get the full picture behind your feedback trends.

Get all the the data you need to make better product decisions. Now you can spend less time getting the data that you need and more time understanding your customers.

Happy sprint planning! 💪

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