Brand New UserTesting Integration and The Future of The UX Ecosystem

Sofia Quintero
Jan 18 · 2 min read
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Today we are celebrating the launch of our brand new integration with UserTesting. We’ve been in beta for a while, and we are delighted with the impact it’s already having on product teams around the world.

“By helping research teams connect their UserTesting accounts to EnjoyHQ, the job of product teams has become easier than ever. No longer will we have to search for, download, and upload unmoderated testing videos to EnjoyHQ — Now all our insights are in one place, and it’s all done automatically” Dalmar Hussein — Director of Research at Tally.

But behind this launch, there is a more significant development. The UX ecosystem is rapidly evolving into truly interconnected network insights. For many years now, we’ve seen the proliferation of very specialized UXR tools, each of them with a specific take on technology and workflows that allow researchers and designers to get the job done with precision.

However, most of these specialized tools work in isolation. We need workflows to allow researchers and designers to connect the dots much more efficiently across multiple data sets and platforms.

At EnjoyHQ, our mission is to help product and UX teams worldwide connect all those specialized tools into a single platform that allows them to truly take advantage of the data they are already gathering and improve the quality of their insights, and share knowledge across the organization.

The UserTesting developer platform is an important step forward in driving the openness and interconnectedness needed to build better customer experiences in today’s world.

“The UserTesting partnership with EnjoyHQ is critical to achieving our mission of delivering great value to customers by integrating with synergistic solutions that amplify the impact of human insights. By enabling integrated workflows among the EnjoyHQ and UserTesting platforms, customers are empowered to make more customer-centric decisions faster”Mona Sabet, Chief Corporate Strategy Officer, UserTesting.

This integration between UserTesting and EnjoyHQ is the first of its kind. It will allow thousands of researchers and designers who rely on UserTesting to gain quick insights into customer experience and increase the impact of their research across the organization.

Integration between both platforms allows product and UX teams to easily embed video clips from studies, notes, transcripts, and metadata created in UserTesting into EnjoyHQ.

Having an easier and faster way to transfer insights between platforms allows teams to speed up their research process and build better feedback loops with customers.

If you’re already a UserTesting customer, simply navigate to your integrations page in EnjoyHQ and select the UserTesting icon to get started. You’ll be doing your best customer research in no time! Learn more here

Originally published at on January 18, 2021.

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