Does Your Product Tell a Story?

Sofia Quintero
Jan 24 · 7 min read

Building Trust as a Product Manager

As a PM, there are two main ways you can build trust with your team and your departmental peers: through action and through communication.

The Three ‘Ps’ of Product Management

Before we can tell the stories of our products, we need to know how to create a solid framework for product storytelling. Once we’ve established that framework, storytelling can and should be used as a strategic tool to build trust and communicate value.


Of the three Ps, many product managers find this one the most challenging, and understandably so; corporate communication is rarely synonymous with personality. However, while this might be the most difficult of the three Ps for some PMs, it’s also among the most effective.


Many PMs will be intimately familiar with making decisions with limited information and pitching ideas on the spot. But when it comes to keeping project stakeholders in the loop, planning and preparation are vital.


For product storytelling to be effective, it has to be proactive.

Adding the Personal Touch

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to product storytelling, which is why making your communication personal is so important.

Planning for Success

One of the biggest challenges in product management is the necessity of planning in environments and workflows that often defy it. Something as seemingly innocuous as an impromptu stand-up meeting can result in new problems to be solved, new stakeholder requests to be addressed, or new features to be designed and implemented.

Taking Control of the Narrative

Whether you’re a seasoned product management veteran or are still learning the ropes, there are few professional pitfalls worse than being caught off-guard by an unexpected question from an impatient stakeholder. Not only might you lack the information necessary to satisfactorily answer those questions, it also puts you on the defensive — again.

Building a Baseline of Trust

Before you can do any of this, it’s important to realize that you might not be able to tell your product’s story the way you’d like to right away. Oftentimes, you have to earn the opportunity to share your narrative. This comes with time, experience, and a demonstrable track record of delivering results.

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