How to Boost Engagement by Celebrating Completed Tasks

Sofia Quintero
Jan 17 · 8 min read
  1. Reminding users of your products’ utility or value
  2. Strengthening and deepening our relationship with our users

Celebrate Milestone Achievements

One of the most effective ways to optimize for and encourage longer-term engagement among your users is to celebrate key milestone achievements regularly. After users start to get comfortable using your app or product, it’s easy for them to forget what their life was like before they started using your product; they can become complacent and stop actively thinking about the value they derive from your product.

  • an overview of the user’s usage stats;
  • guidance toward or highlighting of relevant product features; or
  • positive reinforcement that the user is on the right track.

Offer Genuinely Useful Suggestions

Another way to increase engagement and user retention is to provide genuinely useful suggestions on how your users can get even more out of your product.

  • Based on actual user data. If a recommendation doesn’t align with how a user actually uses your product, a suggestion for a feature they won’t use will do nothing except annoy your user. Make sure your suggestions are personalized and align with how your users are actually using your product — not how you think they’re using it.
  • Highly specific and immediately actionable. The last thing you should do is bother your users with bland, generic messaging. Rather than wasting your users’ time with a weak call to action, make sure your recommendations are specific and immediately actionable.

Make Your Users Feel Special

Another way to celebrate your users’ wins is to make them feel special and create a little exclusivity around being a loyal customer.

Develop Features for Your Existing Customers

Often, development teams think about product features from the perspective of attracting customers. But when it comes to what your product needs, few people know better than your current customers, which is why viewing product development through the lens of customer retention is such a powerful yet seriously underrated approach to product development.

Ask Your Users What They Think

Our final strategy for increasing engagement by celebrating users’ successes is to actively solicit feedback from your most loyal users.

  • Structure your questions around user behavior. Similar to our tip above, there isn’t much value in soliciting feedback about product features customers rarely use. Instead, focus your questions on the core functionality that your users couldn’t live without and on the features they know best.
  • Make gathering user feedback a regular exercise. People’s opinions aren’t always static, which means you should be actively gathering feedback at least twice a year, if not more frequently. Customers’ perceptions of a product can and do change over time, so it’s important to account for this in your research.

When Your Users Win, Everybody Wins

Celebrating your users’ victories is a great way to reinforce positive behaviors, create a sense of excitement about your product, and make your users feel valued and appreciated.

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