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Product Update — July 10, 2019

Keeping your team up-to-date with customer learnings just got easier thanks to the rollout of read-only users and a redesigned sharing flow. Here’s what’s new:

Read-Only Users 🤓

  • Unlimited read-only users can be added to your account for free.
  • Read-only users can view your project’s summaries, as well as any dashboards, documents, and highlights shared with them.
  • Team members and their permissions can be managed by administrators from within your account.

Redesigned Sharing Flow 📤

Sharing now works similarly to Google Drive; if you share a link with someone who is:

  • Unaffiliated with your EnjoyHQ account, or
  • A read-only user

they will be shown a “Request Access” screen:

  • Once access is requested, administrators and collaborators can process individual requests; approved users will be sent links to the shared content via email.
  • You can share project summaries, dashboards, individual documents, and highlights with anybody.
  • Previously shared projects and dashboards will take unaffiliated team members through the request access flow.
  • Read more about sharing in our documentation here.

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Originally published at on July 10, 2019.




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Sofia Quintero

Sofia Quintero

Founder @EnjoyHQ (acq’d by @userzoom) #neuroscience #futureofwork #skateboarding #SaaS #UX

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