Product Update — June 5, 2019

Sofia Quintero
Jun 5, 2019 · 2 min read

Creating notes and summaries just got better! Here are new improvements to your editor:

Editor Upgrades ⌨️

  • You can now embed reports and highlights in your Project Summaries using the editor:
  • The document editor shows you when another user is editing a document and will automatically update the content when editing is finished:
  • Images added to Notes and Project Summaries can now be arranged in-line with support for more flexible layouts:‌

Other Editor Improvements:

  • Support for three levels of headings (H1, H2, H3)

Integration Updates


  • Forwards start a new thread and link back to newly created documents so that it’s easier to keep track of what has been sent to EnjoyHQ.


  • Conversation ratings are now fetched — the numerical rating is stored under “conversation_rating” metadata field.


  • Private notes added to conversations are now formatted to make them look differently than public agent replies.


  • You can now connect more than one Wootric account — please get in touch with us to gain access.

Email Import

  • We have improved our forwarded email importer — we now support all standard formatting options, including tables.

Document Import

  • When importing Word and Google Sheets files we will now preserve all standard formatting (including nested lists, tables and in-line links).

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