Sofia practicing demo day pitch

Techstars & NomNom: Week Eleven

Editor’s note: Since publishing this post, NomNom has been renamed to EnjoyHQ. You can learn more about EnjoyHQ here.

There are no shortcuts in evolution.
Louis D. Brandeis

Less than 30 days left — Techstars Demo Day is approaching really fast. The pressure is on.

This week we kept polishing our pitch, talking to new and existing beta users, as well as working hard on scaling our infrastructure and making improvements to the NomNom experience.

Founder story by Peter Ellen

As part of regular Thursday Founder Stories at Techstars, we had the pleasure to listen to Peter Ellen, who dropped couple of gems about running businesses. We learned the importance of building teams with diverse backgrounds, choosing the right co-founder (crazy people are ok as long as they are ‘stable’) and of course the importance of listening to great music. The journey is hard and long. You’d better have the right soundtrack.

Some pictures in between

Everyone’s pitching in with some feedback about other people’s pitches
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