Enkidu and Velix.ID join forces to launch a Partnership

Enkidu and Velix.ID join forces to launch a Partnership!

We are thrilled to formally announce our partnership with Velix.ID, and the role they play as the KYC provider for the upcoming Enkidu Platform. Velix.ID is considered as one of the most innovative regtech players in the blockchain world, and with their brilliant tech we’ll be bringing you a seamless KYC experience on our Enkidu platform.

What’s Velix.ID?

Velix.ID is decentralizing the process using smart contracts, zero-knowledge proofs (zSNARKs), and stellar consensus protocol (SCP) to build an ecosystem that is Universal, Obscure, Transparent, Decentralized, Time-Efficient, and Cost-Efficient. Velix.ID Ecosystem has its own native VXD utility tokens which will be used to transact identity verification between the stakeholders in the ecosystem. The initial target markets are India & Australia with over 1.3 Billion identities, to be followed with operations launch in Asia-Pacific and UK. The Velix.ID team and advisors come with extensive experience in the cryptocurrency industry with a varied background including from Cointelegraph, BnkToTheFuture, KickICO, PundiX, Propy, Trade.io, Covesting, Crypterium, and The Next Web.

“Enkidu has a unique blockchain native solution that facilitates micro collaborations on the blockchain. We have a lot of synergy with the Enkidu team and it’s a pleasure to partner with Enkidu and provide our KYC solution to their platform.”
- Somorin Roy, Head of Investment, Velix.ID

What’s Enkidu?

ENKIDU is a global collaboration platform that allows individuals to run 100% legal companies on the blockchain. Creators can find like-minded collaborators and team up to build and launch a monetizable product or service. This happens via a trustless payment gateway, where each payment gateway has a payment splitting function that replicates a cap table (basically a table denoting each person’s shareholding). The payment gateway obeys the rules of the cap table along with any other business directives (known as resolution) that the project might want to pass via majority vote.

“Velix.ID has a revolutionary technology and are taking the KYC process to the next level. Their KYC solution will help us onboard customers seamlessly onto our platform and we are happy to be a part of their ecosystem.”

  • Varun Mayya, CEO Enkidu

“We are excited to work with the Velix.ID team and their unique KYC based solution. We are keen on using their zSNARKs and stellar consensus protocol (SCP) which will help streamline Enkidu’s workflow and UI.”

  • Shashank Udupa, COO Enkidu

Update on forthcoming Enkidu Public Sale

We’ve just successfully completed our Presale raising 1,311 ETH. We are excited to announce the dates of our much awaited Public Sale! We shall be conducting our Public Sale from 15th June to 15th August.

The whitelist is now open! More exciting news headed your way, join the whitelist now.

We have early mover rewards for our contributors with $0.056 before discount!

Crowdsale Tier 1 -25% Bonus

Crowdsale Tier 2 -15% Bonus

Crowdsale tier 3 -10 % Bonus

Thank you for your support, and it’s great to see our community growing by leaps and bounds. We now have over 16,000 active and highly engaged Telegram members. More details will be announced via our Telegram news channel.

The ENKIDU token sale opens on June 15, 2018!! We look forward to welcoming you to the ENKIDU token sale.


Team Enkidu