Enkidu Announces Partnership with Truelancer.com — Asia’s largest freelancer platform

Long story short

Enkidu users now get to take advantage of Asia’s largest pool of freelancers on Truelancer while the latter community benefits from the additional collaboration opportunities that come through Enkidu.

Curious what’s going on? Read on!

What exactly is happening?

Global collaboration requires talent. And talent needs engagement.

It is this two-way requirement that makes the Enkidu-Truelancer a match made in, well, corporate heaven.

With this association, Enkidu projects will now be open to the users of Truelancer, who can apply to these projects directly from the Truelancer website. And Enkidu users stand to gain from access to Truelancer’s 500,000 strong pool of active freelancers.

The partnership takes the best of the freelancing and blockchain worlds and combines them to create a powerful engine capable of transforming cross-border digital collaborations, making them effective, reliable, secure, and hassle-free.

In short, Enkidu and Truelancer users get to enjoy the benefits of both portals.

We are currently in the process of seamlessly integrating both entities.

What this means for you

This partnership spells ease and convenience for freelancers and small businesses looking to team up and makes cross-border collaborations easier than ever before!

About the partners

Enkidu: Enkidu by Avalon Labs is a platform that allows businesses, professionals, and hobbyists from across the globe to team up on online projects. You can either start a project of your own and invite collaborations from other users or join a project that requires your expertise. All this, without registering a company or going through the legal processes of having cross-border teams.

The payments received for these projects are automatically distributed to the teammates’ crypto-wallets based on predefined terms agreed upon by all the parties involved. This is made possible with smart contracts, which work on blockchain technology. And that’s not the end of it. Enkidu also allows collaborators to pass resolutions such as add a collaborator, add an investor, or even vote kick a poorly performing member. Options like smart vesting, domain locking, and others render Enkidu a chassis for a thin DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization).

Truelancer: Truelancer is a community that brings together employers and freelancers on a single platform. It enables businesses to hire remote teams to work on their projects and helps freelancers to find gigs that requires their expertise. With over 500,000 freelancers, 75,000 projects, and 10,000 service gigs, Truelancer is Asia’s largest and most trusted freelancer platform.

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