The End of the Enkidu ICO and the dawn of a new age of digital companies

Running an ICO is a wild ride, one with several ups and downs. We’ve encountered everything that the crypto industry had to offer, including the worst bear run it’s seen in the last 4 years. Unlike most ICO teams, we had presence in both India as well as Singapore.

Anindya from the Enkidu/Avalon team addressing a crowd for 100+ blockchain enthusiasts in India

Regardless, we’ve now raised enough capital, with Purvi Capital, Chicago being major investors, to continue to aspire to build out a full fledged platform to run entirely digital companies. Most of the inspiration for Enkidu comes from Estonia’s e-residency and digital companies, a system we’ve admired both in terms of effectiveness and onboarding process.

Enkidu was present at the Singapore Blockchain Conference

The first announcement we’d like to make is that we have hired 2 of the best developers in the country, bolstering an already product-strong team. Keshav will be working on structuring cap tables and equity splitting on the platform, while Satyajit will flesh out the interface for the Enkidu Beta.

As most of you know, the Enkidu alpha is already live, and we will be making enhancements to the platform, starting with integrating the Civic identity protocol for our platform virtual founders. Just like the requirement of KYC to start offline companies, a digital KYC makes our platform reliable and makes sure that people are starting companies with the right intentions.

Another hire, Kiran, will be focussed along with our CTO Tejas, in building out the crypto payment “splitter” that will power companies on the platform.

Our first goal is build out the beta platform that includes the splitter, cap tables and vesting periods. At this point, we will be opening the platform for a few early beta users, somewhere in the last leg of the last quarter of 2018.

We’re hoping you stay with us on this long winded journey — we believe in the power of digital companies and while the world might take some time to recognize it’s potential, we’ll always have the first mover advantage.

The Enkidu team

P.S: Airdrop will be distributed in the first week of September.