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Transparency as an Engine of Social Change had its First Festival

By Tomás Seballos Vergara.

Representatives from diverse fields such as Ana Tijoux, Imogen Heap, John Elkington, Roberto Manrique, among others, gave life to the first World Transparency Day Festival, shedding light on this value as the central element for the significant changes that our planet needs.

The first World Transparency Day Festival organized by EnlightAID, was held on October 9 with the presence of key stakeholders as well as musicians with digital presence of people from around the world. Key players joined our team aligning in this important instance that sought to confront corruption through the awareness of transparency.

World Transparency Day, an event organized by EnlightAID featured ten world-class speakers such as Roberto Manrique, Imogen Heap and John Enklington, and took place with a large international presence. Together with our founder and CEO Verónica Celis, they shared experiences on the importance of transparency in order to achieve necessary changes for our planet. Also outstanding musicians such as Outernational, Ana Tijoux, Sol Pereyra, Paz Quintana and Doctor Krápula gave life to a digital event that traveled around the world. Speakers from various organizations accompanied EnlightAID on this occasion, such as Ainara Aparici from Fundación Kumelen and Ana Arriagada with Roberto Bruna from the independent media El Soberano.

Artists, economists, musicians and activists gave life to the transformative power of transparency. Climate change, universal access to health care, the guarantee of human rights, among other issues, are goals that governments, organizations and individuals seek to achieve and therefore, the coordination between stakeholders is fundamental.

The problem of the large amount of funds that are lost along the way is one of the conflicts that we seek to solve. Moreover, the United States donated 450 billion dollars in 2019 and, according to the UN, 30% of each donation is lost as a result of corruption. For the same reason, at EnlightAID we believe that corruption is combated through technologies that create real-time reports on the destination of the resources of these donations. This is why World Transparency Day successfully positioned transparency as the main value that, with innovation, aims to make the donation processes visible, and trustworthy, allowing resources to reach their intended destinations.

We have launched the first platform that reports in real time how donations are used. EnlightAID makes it possible for each person to follow the activities of an organization and its team, as well as its statistics and, of course, how they spend their money. Through monitoring we seek to (re)build a relationship based on trust in which each person enjoys the certainty of the destination of their money. Donation translates into action and as a process it is visible thanks to the platform we launched at the first World Transparency Day.

It was with great joy that the festival was held for the re-launch of EnlightAID, a turning point for global transparency as it proposes a paradigm shift in confronting corruption in the world. Join the cause for a more egalitarian, sustainable and transparent planet. Join EnlighAID.

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Transparency for all

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