The EM. Vision

Why enlightened marketing?

Because as humans and business owners, we have a vision for a better world.
A world where people and the planet don’t suffer in the name of profits.

Because each new crisis we face as a world community is something we can solve together.

We envision a world where the people in power prioritize the future over profits.

A world where marketing doesn’t just sell something, it helps people.

planet earth in front of a bright blue sky with bright red hearts floating into the sky, representing enlightened communities

The San Francisco Chronicle describes enlightened marketing as:

“consumer-oriented, innovative, beneficial to society, of long-term value and based on a sense of mission.”

We describe it as marketing that empowers customers to make the best purchase decisions for themselves so they become superfans, repeat buyers, and enthusiastic about referrals.

We think of it as marketing that has a positive impact on the world and makes a difference with every post.

We use enlightened marketing to grow online communities who come together to build schools, dig wells, and help others attain freedom with a healthy lifestyle.

Not everyone starts a business to become part of the 1%.
Some of us start a business to lift the 99%.

This is for us.

We’ve come together to help enlightened entrepreneurs, paradigm-shifters, and socially conscious businesses make a difference and a million dollars!

We created this e-zine for visionaries who value impact as much as income.

As a gathering place for forward-thinkers.

The mavericks who aren’t afraid to stand out and be different.
The empaths who want to heal the world.
The creativepreneurs who make the impossible the new norm.
The rebels who want to forward the revolution.

Welcome to EM. Where impact and income meet. And marketing can change the world.

Ahhh, but you want more details? We love details!

The brightest stars in authentic branding, marketing, and selling are working together to help you boost your income and impact.

Authentically and successfully.

~ Meet our founding movement makers ~

Erin @ MemberVault shares her insights and tips to help you build better relationships with potential customers.

Erin is the queen of customer-centric selling and building deep relationships with your customers.

She says, “you’re in this with your prospective buyer, and you want to help them make the right decision, from first purchase to 10th purchase with you, because lifetime sales value is the true long game!”

Learn from Erin in the Authentic Sales section.

Fiona Tate, aka Countess Drusilla Steele, shares her tips for writing authentically without toning it down or being shy about what makes you unique.

Fiona is the countess of copywriting to captivate customers instead of blending in with your competition.

She specializes in embracing what makes you different and letting that shine through your writing to attract soulmate customers.

Learn from Fiona in the Copywriting section.

Chloe Horder of Chloe Horder Media shows us how to engage audiences and stand out online using brand video and photography.

Chloe is the queen of showing up authentically and brilliantly on camera, whether you’re shooting selfies at home or hiring a team of experts.

Watch her videos and learn from Chloe in the Brand Video section.

As the host of EM., Mollie of Real To Ideal Marketing shares her best strategies and tactics for connecting with customers in a way that’s inspiring, empowering, and easy.

Mollie is the merpirate of marketing authentically to turn your message into a movement that makes a difference with every post.

She specializes in soulful sales funnels that turn strangers into superfans and repeat buyers who carry your message to every corner of the planet. Without chasing algorithms or spending a ton on ads.

Learn from Real To Ideal in the Marketing section.

And this is just the beginning.

We’ll be adding more brilliant minds to the mix so this becomes YOUR go-to e-zine for impact-driven influencers and do-good businesses.

Grab your favorite drink and join us for a marketing revolution!

Thanks for stopping by and enjoying this Enlightened Marketing magazine article!

Leave a comment below to join the conversation or ask questions.




Enlightened marketing for businesses who want to sell with soul and make a difference in the world. Impact & income meet at the EM.

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Merpirate. Marketer. Helps do-good businesses use authentic marketing to make a difference with every post. ✊✊✊🐱‍👤

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