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📜 Brief: Mission 0

All our lives we are told “spend and earn, spend and earn”, and “pay no attention to the mushrooms you have to step on to get ahead.” We trod this world like we own it, trashing the many magical forests of this dimension. Most people are so ungrateful to be alive. But not you, Forager. You’re different.

You came to the forest and chose our Club out of free will. You made memes and art for the forest creatures and wrote creative poetry like “Wen Rug?” and “How whitelist?”

The spirit of Enoki lies in harvesting Mushrooms and placing them in your Basket. Choose carefully, however. Once a Mushroom is in your basket, it’s there for good. Forager, are you ready accept the awesome responsibility of Inoculating DeFi?

🏷 Presale Recap:

  • 20,000 $SPORE will be initially minted
  • Whitelisted addresses can invest a maximum of 3 ETH
  • 140 unique whitelist spots were awarded on a first-come-first-serve basis.
  • 50 spots went to meme competition winners
  • 10 spots went to promoters and influencers.
  • 600ETH cap at 1ETH : 25 $SPORE
  • 5000 $SPORE locked with 300ETH liquidity
  • Vested over 12 months to the Enoki DeFi Club
Created by community member Perris Threepwood

🚜 The Mushroom Farm

You’re different. So Enoki’s Mushroom farm is different. Each week, foragers holding $ENOKI can vote to double or halve the yielding rate of each pool. This gives foragers the powers of incantation and dissipation, powers once reserved only for devs.

Initial farmable supply:

  • 210,000 $SPORE
  • 4,000 Mushrooms

Each staking pool distributes a unique strain of mushroom. Rare, high-yielding Mushroom NFTs are available for Foragers taking greater risk. Less risky pools fruit more common mushrooms.

Lifespan: A Mushroom’s lifespan is fixed until you choose to stake it. It is randomly picked out of a certain range when minted. Once staked, it begins losing life and yielding ENOKI. You can un-stake at any time and claim your $ENOKI. If however, your mushroom looses all life while staked, it is burnt and all you are left with is $ENOKI.

Cost: You cannot buy a mushroom from a pool without yield farming. In order to mint a mushroom, you must burn your spore rewards.

Rate: Each mushroom has has constant yield rate based on its rarity.

Note: We are busy adjusting the settings here and the exact numbers will be updated before farming begins.


Initial $SPORE / week: 560 $SPORE (Increased from 260)

Mushroom: Scheming Amanita

  • Cap: 1800
  • Cost: 5 $SPORE
  • Yield: 2 $ENOKI / week
  • Lifespan: 2–6 days


Initial $SPORE / week: 860 $SPORE (Increased from 260)

Mushroom: Madam Morel

  • Cap: 860
  • Cost: 4 $SPORE
  • Yield: 3 $ENOKI / week
  • Lifespan: 8–10 days

🤸‍♀️ DAI<>SPORE (80/20) Value DeFi LP

With the recent FARM exploits, we’ve decided to work with VALUE because we can get behind their model of “Farming as a Service,” a piece we see crucial in onboarding the next generation of DeFi investors.

Initial $SPORE / week: 180 $SPORE (Decreased from 260)

Mushroom: Boisterous Bolete

  • Cap: 660
  • Cost: 8 $SPORE
  • Yield: 3.5 $ENOKI / week
  • Lifespan: 4–8 days

👾 ENOKI <> ETH Uniswap LP

Initial $SPORE / week: 1660 $SPORE (Increased from 1260)

Mushroom: Enoki

  • Cap: 420
  • Cost: 12 $SPORE
  • Yield: 10 $ENOKI / week
  • Lifespan: 8–16 days

🎭 SPORE <> ETH Uniswap LP

Initial $SPORE / week: 2160 $SPORE

Mushroom: Awkward Ironwood

  • Cap: 26​​​​​​0
  • Cost: 14 $SPORE
  • Yield: 6 $ENOKI / week
  • Lifespan: 12–18 days
Meme by csingling

$ENOKI harvesting: 🧺 Your Collection

  • Current circulating supply: 0
  • Mission 0: 12,600 $ENOKI

Should you decide to opt for some beautiful, one-of-a-kind Mushroom NFTs instead of $SPORES, you can place them in in your basket and watch as the $ENOKI gathers. During your first mission, a maximum of 12,600 ENOKI will be minted to collectors. Holders of $ENOKI can vote in the Enoki DeFi Club to increase the supply in the future.

Be weary of collecting $ENOKI however. Spent mushrooms will be burnt upon harvesting their $ENOKI. We wish mushrooms could hang around forever.

If you share this wish and believe in the future of Enoki, you can save them and trade them in our Bazaar or any other ERC-721 marketplace.

Memes created by community members rainanav and subhuti

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