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Experience DeFi in beautiful CoinVille

The award-winning game developers at Itchiro and Enoki unite under CoinVille!

Good day gamers 🕹️, we are excited to announce that two of your favorite DeFI gaming projects are merging.

With handheld games, The Jungle, Shinobi Challenge, and CoinVille underway, $ENOKI and $JEM are joining forces to consolidate efforts to bring DeFi to more people.

CoinVille will have its own brand under Enoki DeFi club and will be maintained and improved over the next year.

What happens to $SPORES, $ENOKI & $JEM 💎?

  • $ENOKI will be the governance token of the whole Enoki game ecosystem.
  • $JEM 💎 will become the main economic token within the CoinVille game.
  • There will be a swap contract made live within 48 hours to atomically swap your $SPORE to $JEM 💎 at a fixed rate

What happens to the liquidity pools and farms?

Gamers that are currently staking or farming on Itchiro, do not have to do anything. We are swapping the front end from Itchiro to Enoki and it will be seamless to you gamers! $JEM 💎 will be the CoinVille token.

Liquidity Rewards

To continue rewarding our Mycelial network, we are re-opening $SPORE withdraws in the Mushroom farm. Deposit your $SPORE, $JEM💎, or $ENOKI UniSwap LPs and earn juicy $SPOREs and Mushrooms.

Currently, $SPORE’s circulating supply is ~21k.

Holders of $JEMs will receive extra dividends from strategies used in CoinVille.

What does the future hold?

  • Core team members of Itchiro moving to Enoki Defi club.
  • First game to launch is Coinville, we are finishing up some integrations, and will be up and running beginning of February 2021.
  • Enoki DeFI club will nurture its collective of video gamers and NFT aficionados who help design, BUILD and ship blockchain based games.
  • Itchiro site will redirect to Enoki site.
  • All Itchiro social media will turn to Coinville social media.
  • The Itchiro Game DEX and Enoki DeFi Club’s interactive NFT marketplace are underway

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