Enosi joins with 100+ global energy accelerators to disrupt “big energy”

  • Enosi blockchain project announces partnership with New Energy Nexus, the world’s largest network of energy accelerators and entrepreneurs powered by the California Clean Energy Fund.

Enosi and the California Clean Energy Fund (CalCEF) have announced a partnership to enable entrepreneurs and communities around the world to compete with “big energy” using Enosi’s blockchain based open-source ENergy Operating System.

CalCEF runs the largest ecosystem organization of entrepreneurs and investors making our clean energy transition a reality, known as New Energy Nexus. The network includes 7,000+ entrepreneurs, 100+ outreach partners and accelerators in over 30 countries around the world.

Through partners and programs, New Energy Nexus’s members supports entrepreneurs through every stage from idea to scaling. Their partners include incubatEnergy (USA), the Global Clean Tech Innovation Program, ADB’s China Clean Tech Nexus and the World Bank’s Climate Innovation Centers.

CalCEF Managing Director Danny Kennedy and New Energy Nexus cofounder said, “Our goal is to incubate and accelerate the next 100,000 clean energy startups worldwide. The Enosi open source blockchain will help those startups compete by managing market risk and lowering costs for consumers. We have been looking for a blockchain solution like this.”

The Enosi Foundation will support members of the New Energy Nexus by (1) providing them with open source foundational tools for developing blockchain applications, (2) enabling them to better compete with incumbents in energy markets and (3) allowing them to focus on the unique or value added aspects of their business model, such as community energy, peer-to-peer or green energy.

Moreover, common use of the Enosi open source platform will both enable local hackathons and increase global knowledge sharing between New Energy Nexus-affiliated accelerators.

New Energy Nexus will manage Enosi’s accelerator outreach program and investment program for early stage teams, which will be distributed through the incubator and accelerator network.

Nexus members will also advise the Enosi Foundation on the open source road map, network development and community engagement.

“We’re single minded about supporting entrepreneurs and communities,” said Enosi CEO Steve Hoy, “They are the clean energy disrupters, not the incumbents. They are the ones that will bring community energy, peer-to-peer and decentralised energy. So we are proud to be working with New Energy Nexus, the biggest clean energy innovation network in the world.”

About the California Clean Energy Fund

The California Clean Energy Fund has been accelerating clean energy innovation and startup ecosystems for more than a decade. Its vision is to create a 100%+ clean energy economy for the 100% by driving entrepreneurial innovation and building equity into the clean energy economy. We established the New Energy Nexus in 2016 to spread the work we have done in California supporting startups to markets that matter with incubators, accelerators and funds. See www.energynexus.co or www.calcef.org

About the Enosi Foundation

The Enosi Foundation is building an open source blockchain based ENergy Operating System that enables communities and innovative startups to compete with large energy companies, in existing regulatory regimes, by managing wholesale energy procurement, risk management, community energy schemes, metering and billing and reconciliation. Enosi’s ultimate aim is to replace the middle-man in the selling and delivery of retail energy, thereby enabling communities, small businesses and startups to focus on value added clean energy solutions.

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