Enosi Wins Blockchain Technology Award

Steve Hoy
Steve Hoy
Jun 26, 2019 · 3 min read

Clean Energy Start-up Enosi Wins Blockchain Technology Award

Enosi COO Bill Barden accepts the award in Melbourne

17 June 2019, SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. Energy market transformation play Enosi Australia has been awarded the Australian Fintech “Finnie” Award for Excellence in Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology. This award recognises the technology company with the most successful and innovative application of Blockchain/Distributed Ledger.

The Finnie application process required entrants to explain how their product/service provides benefits for customers more effectively than other substitute products and competitors, as well as how their business model creates a sustainable competitive advantage in their chosen market, and positions them for future growth.

Enosi CEO, Steve Hoy said, “Enosi is a transformation play in the electricity sector, and we’ve recently launched our blockchain platform to enable community energy trading programs. Our customer base is growing every month — which is a key metric, but it’s heartening to have this industry recognition of our platform and the technology behind it.”

“The Australian start-up landscape is expanding rapidly and creating opportunities for innovative and disruptive technologies to provide a better customer experience. We’re pleased to be a part of this industry and are grateful for the work that Australian Fintech does to keep our industry and achievements in the spotlight,” he added.

About Enosi Australia

Enosi’s mission is to provide the technology that unlocks access to renewable energy for everyone on the planet. Enosi Australia has built a blockchain-based energy trading platform that enables communities and businesses to access renewable energy directly from solar and wind-farms and even local rooftops. Enosi’s approach can both increase yields for solar investment and give access to consumers at lower costs than they pay today.

Enosi uses blockchain and internet technology to revolutionise the billing of and payment for energy. The Enosi platform offers three levels of energy trading with a unique clearing and matching mechanism, and integrates seamlessly with existing energy retailers’ billing systems so no new payment arrangements need to be undertaken.

Enosi’s ultimate aim is to replace the middle-man in the selling and delivery of retail energy, thereby enabling communities, small businesses and start-ups to focus on value-added clean energy solutions.

See www.enosi.io for further details or to sign-up to the service.

What is Fintech?

The Australian Finnie Awards utilise the EY working definition of a Fintech, namely: “In its broadest sense, we define fintechs as high-growth organisations combining innovative business models and technology to enable, enhance and disrupt Financial Services (FS). This definition is not restricted to start-ups or new entrants, but includes scale-ups, maturing companies and even non-FS companies, such as telecommunication providers and e-retailers.”

Enabling access to #renewable energy for everyone


Enabling access to #renewable energy for everyone, tracing energy to its generation source 24/7 and settling renewable energy right on the retail bill.

Steve Hoy

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CEO of Enosi Australia— leading a transformation play in the electricity industry, providing traceability technology to enable access to wholesale renewables.


Enabling access to #renewable energy for everyone, tracing energy to its generation source 24/7 and settling renewable energy right on the retail bill.