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Interoperable Liquidity

14th June 2021

Just some quick updates and announcements regarding the developments and ongoings within EnreachDAO.

New Risk Committee Member

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Matthew Stecker to the EnreachDAO Risk Committee. Matthew is currently the CEO of Evolving Systems who are currently a publicly listed company on the NASDAQ. Matthew is also a lawyer and earlier in his career worked for NEXT Computers underneath the legendary Steve Jobs, his bio is below:

Matthew brings to Enreach a long history of leadership in the Software, Services and Mobile industries.

19th May 2021

Just some quick updates and announcements regarding the developments and ongoings within EnreachDAO.

Removal of the NRCH-RFI Uniswap Pool

The Risk Committee voted today to take down the NRCH-RFI Uniswap pool. The downward pressure on RFI has resulted in the price of NRCH being impacted. For the purpose of supporting positive price action on the NRCH token, the Risk Committee voted in favour of this proposal.

Activation of 2% Buy Side Transactional Tax for NRCH

The Risk Committee also voted on the activation of the 2% tax on purchases of NRCH from the Uniswap pool. From the 2% tax, 1% is redistributed to token holders in proportion to their holdings in the overall supply, whilst…

29th April 2021

Just some quick updates and announcements regarding the developments and ongoings within EnreachDAO.

Risk Committee Changes

EnreachDAO have made some changes to the members representing the Risk Committee.

David Park, Yuen Wong and El Crypto Chapo have all stepped down from their roles as members of the Risk Committee. We would like to thank each one of them for their time and efforts for supporting EnreachDAO.

We are delighted to welcome Giovanni Tarone and Adam Wise, who join Kashaf Bashir, Abdelkader Allam, Brian Elders, MacroCRG and Amardeep Mann to the Risk Committee.

Giovanni Tarone was a major player of the Prepaid Telecom Industry…

EnreachDAO Stable Coin Distribution — nUSD

Back in November we wrote about stable coin infrastructure mapped on a 1:1 basis with FIAT (USD, EUR, GBP) in EnreachDAO bank accounts to collateralise stable coins (nUSD, nEUR, nGBP), link here to the article.

We also wrote an article on the CommSettle platform that services Tier1 telecom operators, such as Orange (France Telecom) among others, with the ability to fund telecom receivables using liquidity pools delivered by EnreachDAO, link here to the article.

EnreachDAO is designing its protocol to enable the use of a blend of assets such as FIAT, Fungible Tokens and Non-Fungible Tokens as collateral to expand…

19th April 2021

Just some quick updates and announcements regarding the developments and ongoings within EnreachDAO.

Binance Smart Chain Bridge

We have concluded testing on BSC and deployed smart contracts with unified addresses to those of the Ethereum network.

The BSC network smart contract address for NRCH is the same as Ethereum network and can be found here.

We are currently deploying an interface that will facilitate bridging from Ethereum to BSC (and vice versa) with fee integration to be shared across both networks.

PancakeSwap Farming and Syrup Pools Staking

An application has been made to PancakeSwap in order for NRCH to be listed on the Syrup Pools page of…

9th April 2021 EnreachDAO

LEGAL DISCLAIMER; This article reflects the opinions of Kashaf Bashir and a proposal to develop a solution from Kashaf Bashir and Abdelkader Allam. This article does not represent financial or investment advice and it is always recommended to undertake thorough due diligence and research when deploying capital in risk markets.

Other projects such as ZeroSwap have built a cross-chain bridge from the Ethereum Network to Binance Smart Chain. These type of bridges enable users of wallets such as MetaMask to transfer tokens on ERC20 standards to BEP20 standards, so that the token is usable on Binance Smart Chain.

These bridges act almost as a portal to transport your token from the Ethereum network to any other network interconnected via the bridge.

However, many of these bridges have yet to build logic that facilitates an integration for distribution of tax or fee shares that are resultant from trading volume. This is…

How We Got Here. What We Are Doing Next.

The time is upon us, for some has been a long wait, but tonight, $NRCH will be unlocked at 8pm UTC and trading (and transfers) can commence on Uniswap.

What we have done so far

During the presale period, we KYC’d 188 individuals who all participated in purchasing tokens. EnreachDAO raised 550ETH in the treasury wallet, which will be used as the organisations operating budget. In addition a further 200ETH and 400,000RFI were raised by participants who are currently staking in the LGE pools used to create the current liquidity on Uniswap:

The above link shows the liquidity pools live on Uniswap. The NRCH tokens are…

With the finish line in sight for the EnreachDAO Presale through our launchpad contracts, some updates on some additional features we had been discussing.

Launchpad Contracts

For the purposes of the Enreach launch, we developed smart contracts that would allow full a end to end compliant launch of the project. In the terminology of DeFi, we are accustomed to such contracts being defined as “Launchpads”.

We intend to re-engineer the “Launchpad Contracts” so that any project wishing to use them can either:

(a) Launch their own project


(b) Deliver launchpad services

Founders of projects will be able to lock the Uniswap…

Referring back to the article;

OFFICIAL: NRCH Presale and Liquidity Generation Event

The current distribution of the NRCH initial supply is as follow:

1m NRCH for participants of Presale and LGE pools

The LGE pools will emit a total of 560,000 NRCH over a 26 week period to the participants of LGE Pools 1 and 2…

NRCH Launch via Enreach KYC and Launchpad Platform

Congratulations to those who successfully submitted KYC to participate in the NRCH token offering.

Please click and navigate to the Launchpad Platform.

Click on Connect Wallet button and approve the transactions on MetaMask to finalise connection. You will be presented with the below screen.


Interoperable Liquidity

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